Save valuable time on your fire alarm servicing

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Fire Depot is proud to announce that the Testifire fire alarm testing equipment has been added to their range.

Testifire is a top quality brand of fire alarm testing equipment offering the most up to date and innovative technology.  The equipment is uniquely capable of producing smoke, heat and CO stimuli.  The tools offer fast and cost-effective compliance with test standards (BS 5839) and address RRFSO legislative issues concerning proof of competence.

So what’s all this about time saving?  Testifire can reduce your time spent on fire alarm testing by up to 66%.  Some ways it does this are:

  • Dramatic reduction in reset times through use of clearing cycle
  • Latest technology stimuli generation and delivery
  • Replacement of multiple tool with a single tester
  • Combined stimuli deployment on multi-sensor detectors
  • Faster testing of higher temperature detectors with hi-heat mode

“At Fire Depot, we love helping our customers to increase their efficiency and professionalism.” remarks Fire Depot’s Marketing Manager, George Graham.  “If you’re a Fire Alarm Engineer and want to build on your professional image when testing alarms, then the Testifire product is a must have.  You’ll also save time which in turn makes you more money!”

View the Testifire products in more detail on the website or contact us for a quote on 0330 999 2233.