Lithium-ion battery public fire safety video launched

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Firechief Global has produced a lithium-ion battery fire safety video in conjunction with Hertfordshire Fire & Rescue Service.  Aimed at promoting awareness of the dangers of lithium-ion batteries within the home, the video features clips of various devices going on fire, along with tips for keeping lithium-ion battery safe.

Awareness of lithium-ion battery safety is especially important over the festive season as many people will buy and receive new electronic devices, toys, and personal transport aids such as e-scooters and e-bikes.

Rory Searle, Fire Safety Inspector at Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue Service said;  ‘At present there is not enough awareness out there amongst the general public in relation to device charging habits etc, but simple changes can save lives. Following the recent death involving an E-bike, we need to promote good battery safety as much as we promote having a smoke alarm and safe smoking habits etc.’

Fire Depot’s Managing Director, Laurie Pollard commented: ‘We very much hope that this video will open everyone’s eyes to the potential fire risk which comes with using Lithium-ion batteries and that people start to make simple changes when charging or using their devices to keep themselves and their families safer.’

You can view the video on our Firechief Global YouTube channel and don’t forget to subscribe while you’re there to be notified of when new videos go live!

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