Firechief Kitchen Stove Guard smart fire prevention system installed in luxury apartments

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Firechief Kitchen Stove Guards have been installed in 246 luxury apartments at One Crown Place, the latest high-rise addition to London’s skyline. Located between the City of London and Shoreditch, the development features two architect designed prismatic towers of 28 and 33 storeys.

Each of the apartments has an open plan, Italian designed kitchen area so to comply with the Fire Safety regulations for high-rise living accommodation, each apartment needed to be fitted with a kitchen fire suppression system meaning highly visible pipework, detection mechanisms and nozzles spoiling the aesthetic finish of the properties and the risk of collateral damage should the extinguishing chemicals be discharged in the event of a fire

Due to all these factors, the team of architects, designers and builders were open to the idea of an alternative, unobtrusive design-led fire prevention solution, such as the Firechief Kitchen Stove Guard that could be presented as part of a BS 7974 Fire Engineered alternative to the traditional fire safety approaches in Approved Document B to the Building Regulations.

The relevant Building Control body accepted this solution as contributing effectively to meeting the functional requirements of the Building Regulations and so the Stove Guard was installed to the apartments.


The fitting of the Firechief Kitchen Stove Guard solution brought a number of benefits to the One Crown Place apartments:

- Sleek sensor design, sympathetic to the design led décor of the apartment kitchens

- Intelligent fire safety technology which prevents fires long before they can start. The heat sensor activates the cooker switch when pre-fire conditions are detected instead of reacting to extinguish a fire once it has actually begun

- Easier and simpler installation - undertaken by the electrical contractors already working on site rather than a specialist fire suppression installation engineer

- No annual maintenance required

- Lower cost – less than half the cost of a fire suppression system

- Continuous 24/7 protection for peace of mind. The device monitors and adapts to the occupiers cooking style

- Automatic fault diagnosis constantly analyses the Kitchen Stove Guard’s function when the hob is in use – no monthly testing

- Fulfils the requirements of Stove Guard Standard EN 50615

The Firechief Kitchen Stove Guard is a device that works outwhen the temperature of cooking is too high (and therefore potentially hazardous) and turns off the source of ignition, effectively preventing kitchen fires before they start. This creates a safer home for the tenants and owners of flats and luxury apartments. The Firechief Kitchen Stove Guard is a smart way to guard against kitchen fires because it responds before the formation of toxic gases and before a fire is ignited. It will even cut off the electricity supply if the hob has been left on accidentally – the setting for this can be tailored to individual installations. The cooker is reactivated simply by resetting the system once the cause of the alert has been investigated and controlled. The device is designed to work with all electric hobs.

You can learn more about the Firechief Kitchen Stove Guard in our product video!

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