Fire Depot supports Earth Day 2021!

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Today, 22nd April 2021 is Earth Day.  Earth Day is held annually and aims to change behaviours and provoke policy changes for the protection of the environment. Its mission is to ‘diversify, educate and activate the environmental movement worldwide’.

Earth day first began in 1970 the United States.  However, the main event of Earth Day 2021 will take place virtually and focus on the theme’ Restore Our Earth’ by looking at natural processes, emerging green technologies, as well as innovative thinking that can restore the world’s ecosystems.

Here at Fire Depot, we believe it is important to celebrate Earth day each year in recognition of the harm humans are capable of causing the planet and its resources, while also celebrating the growing support across the globe for protecting the Earth and the environment.

Fire Depot is a responsible business which understands its environmental obligations and is  committed to the recycling of materials whenever possible.  The following are some of the environmentally friendly processes we have in place:

Fire Extinguisher recycling scheme:  All extinguishers used in testing and returned to us at the end of their service life are recycled.

Marketing material: Out of date catalogues and marketing material remaining in stock are routinely sent for recycling at the beginning of each year. Our catalogues are also printed on paper sourced from responsible sources as certified by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council).

Paperless systems: Over the last year our accounts team have implemented a paperless system.  Document printing has been minimised across the business and all non-confidential wastepaper is recycled.

Electric vehicle charging points:  Installed for our staff to use to charge their electric car during working hours.


For more information on our fire extinguisher recycling scheme, please contact us on 0330 999 22 33