Medichief Workplace Sanitising Kit

Product Information

Handy ‘grab and go’ sanitisation kit for employees and key workers who are out and about

  • Promotes safe working by protecting personnel from the spread of infection
  • Ensures compliance for employee/worker safety
  • Tough plastic bucket with a tamper-proof, resealable lid.
  • Contaminated gloves, wipes etc can be safely disposed of in plastic bags provided
  • The kit can be personalised by the individual user – includes space to add names


  • 1 x pack of 100 dry wipes
  • 1 x 250ml Medichief Surface Sanitiser
  • 1 x pack of disposable gloves (25 pairs)
  • 1 x 50ml hand sanitising gel
  • 2 x pocket tissues pack (10 tissues per pack)
  • 1 x clean room tape
  • 10 x sealable plastic bags
  • 15 x sanitised status labels – green
  • 1 x marker pen

*Actual contents may vary.

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Model Number MWSKI
Product Code 110-1076
Download Medichief Sanitiser Kit Datasheet Medichief Sanitiser Kit Datasheet