Firechief Dynamist 13L Foam Mist Extinguisher

Product Information

The Firechief Dynamist is unique, as it uses Foam mist technology, causing minimal collateral damage, with maximum firefighting capacity. Fitted with two 6 litre stored pressure containers, this backpack firefighter is always ready to come to the rescue. 

  • Easy to use with Quick Stored Pressure Activation
  • Fights Class A,B,F and Electrically started Fires
  • Tamper-proof Safety Seal
  • Low pressure, safe technology
  • Foam mist technology minimises material damage
  • 1 minute of Continuous Discharge
  • Durable Braided Rubber Hose Pipe
  • Corrosion Resistant Stainless Steel Body
  • Environmentally friendly: using bio-degradable foam and/or pure water to fight fires.
  • Available in pure Foam mist or in Water mist
  • Spray and Jet Modes can be easily switched using lever operated nozzle
  • Ideal for Rapid Reaction
  • Pressure Gauge for easy checking
Code      Model    Description   
100-1516   FDW15      Firechief Dynamist 13L Water Mist Extinguisher   
100-1517   FDF15 Firechief Dynamist 13L Foam Mist Extinguisher

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Model Number FDF15
Product Code 100-1517