Firechief Cavius Standalone Battery Travel Alarm

Product Information

Designed for added safety when travelling. Smoke detector to be activated when staying at hostels and hotels with low safety level. Motion sensor to be activated and device to be placed in front of door or hooked onto the backpack etc. Attack alarm to be activated in unsafe situations. Carabina clip included for easy attachment to bags, belts etc.

Travel alarm with 3 functions:
1. Attack alarm
2. Smoke alarm
3. Motion alarm

Both smoke alarm and motion alarm mode can be activated at the same time.

PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: D: 35 mm. x H: 90 mm.

PRODUCT WEIGHT: 60 gr. (including 1 x AA battery)

WARRANTY: 10 year


BATTERY TYPE: 1 x 1,5v AA battery

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Model Number FCTA
Product Code 138-1034
Download 138-1034_FCTA_Datasheet_03.2020_V1