Firechief Cavius RF Alarm Hub

Product Information

The hub is connected to the router through a RJ45 Ethernet cable (supplied).
Firechief CAVIUS hub will enrol and communicate with Firechief CAVIUS Wireless Family devices through the Firechief CAVIUS App.

• Choose a name of the hub (e.g. your house name, adress etc.)
• Name your devices (such as living room smoke alarm, entry door or kitchen heat alarm etc.)
• Alarm signal notification through the Firechief CAVIUS App
• Test all the connected devices from the App and push message when a device is tested
• Battery fault notification from Firechief CAVIUS devices
• Pass on the alarm to your neighbour or relative

PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: H: 60 mm. x W: 60 mm. x D: 12 mm.

PRODUCT WEIGHT: Base hub weight with RJ45 Ethernet cable: 30 g.

WARRANTY: 10 year

APPROVALS: RED Directive, EN60065

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Model Number FCAH
Product Code 138-1028
Download 138-1027_FCAH_Datasheet_V1