Firechief Cavius RF 5 Year Battery Heat Alarm

Product Information

Designed for installation in private homes or garages with risk for smoky, dusty, or humid environments, as for example kitchen area, living room with wood burner stove, garage area, washing and laundry area etc.
This alarm can be connected with other alarms from the Firechief CAVIUS Wireless alarm family or function as a stand alone alarm.
Max covering area 60m².

The alarm makes a reading every 8 seconds. At unusual readings (going into alarm stage), the readings are taken every 2 seconds

PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: D: 65 mm x H: 39 mm.

PRODUCT WEIGHT; Base alarm weight (excluding screws, plugs and mounting ring): 50 g.

BATTERY TYPE: Duracell, Panasonic or Huiderui replaceable 3v CR123A lithium battery 1600mAh.

BATTERY LIFE: Minimum 5 year life in normal operating condition. (Based on a weekly testing).

WARRANTY: 10 year

APPROVALS: Tested according to EN54-5

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Model Number FC4052
Product Code 138-1014
Download 138-1014_FC4052_Datasheet_03.2020_V1