Firechief Cavius 10 Year Standalone Battery Smoke Alarm

Product Information

Designed for installation in private homes, camping trailers, mobile homes and caravans. Max covering area 60m².

FUNCTION: The alarm makes an optical reading every 8 seconds. At unusual readings (going into alarm stage), the readings are taken every 2 seconds.

PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: D: 40 mm. x H: 41 mm.

PRODUCT WEIGHT: Base alarm weight (excluding screws, plugs and mounting ring): 43 g.

BATTERY TYPE: Duracell 3V CR123A Lithium battery, 1600 mAh (non-replaceable)

BATTERY LIFE: Minimum 10 year life in normal operating condition. (Based on a weekly testing).

WARRANTY: 10 year

APPROVALS: EN 14604:2005

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Model Number FC2010
Product Code 138-1023
Download 138-1023_FC2010_Datasheet_03.2020_V1