Firechief Supermist 25L Foam Mist Extinguisher

Product Information

Though water is one of the most potent fire extinguishers around, large quantities are required to extinguish a fire. Harnessing water's immense cooling power and multiplying it hundreds of times over, Firechief's Watermist technology breaks water down into a fine mist of under 80 microns. This mist is then thrown at the fire with a great kinetic force, covering a large surface area. As soon as the mist comes into contact with the fire, it instantly turns into steam, enveloping the flames, cutting down the oxygen supply and reducing the temperature to below combustion levels. Powered by Watermist, the Firechief Supermist is unstoppable. Equipped with four Multi-Rotors in each container, it's fully capable of generating Watermist quickly and efficiently. This is available as pure Watermist or Foam mist for full risk coverage. Available as a standalone trolley mounted in 25L, 50L and 100L capacity, the Supermist truly is a fire engine on wheels. 

  • Easy to use with Quick Stored Pressure Activation
  • Fights Class A,B,F and Electrically started fires
  • Tamper-proof Safety Seal 
  • Low pressure, safe technology 
  • Meets and conforms to international standards with EN1866 certification pending 
  • Controllable Discharge Mechanism with a lightweight dual-mode gun
  • Long-lasting Braided Rubber Hose
  • Corrosion resistant Stainless Steel Body
  • Environmentally friendly using bio-degradable foam and or water to fight fires
  • Portable, Trolley Mounted Extinguisher 
  • Pressure Gauge for easy checking 

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Model Number FFM25
Product Code 100-1447